“Have you ever had to fight for something you love?’ the director asked.
When I said nothing, Philip cleared his throat. ‘When you’re onstage, things really are life and death. Now’s your chance to fight again.’
The Good Girl of Chinatown.

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“Chang is delightful…wittily prolix, flashy and fascinating as a wealthy Texan arts patron, before finally morphing to become a top dance partner for Cunxin.” Dance Informa

“Jenevieve Chang impressed as the continuing female presence in his life, be it loving mother, disciplined dance instructor, or overbearing arts benefactor.” Stage Whispers

“Jenevieve Chang is charming as his loving mother responsible for setting his moral compass and supportive of his aspirations. She is equally charming as his village school teacher then steely and trenchant as his dance instructor and deliriously garrulous and gauchely glamourous as a Texan arts benevolent.” Australian Stage

“Jenevieve Chang skillfully emanates a moving portrayal…(her) expressions of pensiveness and introspection are poignant.” Gruesome Magazine