22 Apr 2017

Conversations with Richard Fidler

I’m very excited to be heading to Brisbane on Friday 28 April for a live conversation with Richard Fidler at the Brisbane Powerhouse. Come hear us talk – raw and unfiltered – through the annals of personal and family history,... More

9 Apr 2017

What I told Ciao….

Last month, I spoke to the lovely peeps at Ciao Magazine , a media stalwart in my local inner west about The Sydney Writers Festival, my upcoming book release, and they even managed to wrangle a cooking recipe out of me. Transcript... More

6 Apr 2017

Sydney Writer’s Festival

The embargo’s been lifted, and I’m pleased to announce that I’m on the line-up of the 2017 Sydney Writer’s Festival. The theme this year is “Refuge,” and I’m on a panel called The Writer’s Habitat with some seriously bright lights... More

3 Apr 2017

The Good Girl of Chinatown Book Launch

Thursday 4 May 2017 Better Read than Dead, 265 King St Newtown “It was the sound of aggressive abandon, and the shape of its poetry whipped the room into a frenzy. I felt my body riding its aching, feverish wave.”... More

9 Mar 2017

Backdated Blog Posts

It’s taken me 12 months, but I’m back. Back to the blog. Along the way, there’s been a couple of milestones: this incredible show that I got to be a part of The Peasant Prince, travelled to 38 venues across... More

11 Apr 2016

Opening Night

The Opening Night for Monkey Baa’s The Peasant Prince went off like a firecracker, ushering in the beginning of a big journey for this story as we task ourselves with sharing it to the next generation of young Australians. Li... More

9 Apr 2016

Mao’s Last Dancer

Of course it would take a famous memoir to lure me back to the stage. Mao’s Last Dancer is the story of a young boy plucked out of obscure, grinding poverty to train to become a ballet dancer a.k.a. revolutionary guard... More

4 Feb 2016

Ballroom Swans, Dancing Ducks

Take a trip back to New Year’s Eve 2008 with me. The city is Shanghai, and I’ve just moved across the seas to be with the man I love, and a city I’ve always dreamt about.  Ballroom Swans, Dancing Ducks is... More

7 Jul 2014

Why Stories are Good for the Brain

One of my favorite stories growing up was of the day my grandmother met my grandfather. She was in her early 30s – resolutely considered the age of spinsterhood in the time the Communists rose to power in China in... More

30 May 2014

Australian Writers Week: the last leg

The first thing you notice about Beijing is the smog. Within minutes of landing, my whole body was working a bit harder just to breathe. The Australian Embassy staffer who had been with me since Mongolia gave me the stats:... More