Hi. I’m Jenevieve. Welcome to my world.

I’m an actor, writer, movement director and recovering showgirl.

I was born in Taiwan, attended my first school in the USA, hit puberty in Australia and danced in the UK. 50 years after my grandparents ran away from China, I returned to Shanghai and became part of the country’s first Vaudeville, Variety and Burlesque club.

The Good Girl of Chinatown is a memoir of the life I’ve lived, the lives I’ve performed, and the lives that came before mine.

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Out May 2017
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Jenevieve Chang

Latest News

11 Apr 2016

Opening Night

The Opening Night for Monkey Baa’s The Peasant Prince went off like a firecracker, ushering in the beginning of a big journey for this story as we task ourselves with sharing it to the next generation of young Australians. Li... More

9 Apr 2016

Mao’s Last Dancer

Of course it would take a famous memoir to lure me back to the stage. Mao’s Last Dancer is the story of a young boy plucked out of obscure, grinding poverty to train to become a ballet dancer a.k.a. revolutionary guard... More

4 Feb 2016

Ballroom Swans, Dancing Ducks

Take a trip back to New Year’s Eve 2008 with me. The city is Shanghai, and I’ve just moved across the seas to be with the man I love, and a city I’ve always dreamt about.  Ballroom Swans, Dancing Ducks is... More