Hi. I’m Jenevieve. Welcome to my world.

I make stories and shows.

I was born in Taiwan, attended my first school in the USA, hit puberty in Australia and danced in the UK. 50 years after my grandparents ran away from China, I returned to Shanghai and became part of the country’s first Vaudeville, Variety and Burlesque club.

The Good Girl of Chinatown is a memoir of the life I’ve lived, the lives I’ve performed, and the lives that came before mine.

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Jenevieve Chang

Latest News

14 Feb 2018

Letters to Chinatown

Chinatown, my chinatown Where the lights are low, Hearts that know no other land, Drifting to and fro. William Jerome   For its special Chinese New Year edition, Cathay Pacific’s Silk Rd magazine ran a collection of stories from writers... More

25 Jan 2018

Your Story Matters

Last October, I had the honour of speaking stories, self-representation and why changing the narrative matters at the biennial FECCA conference in Darwin. The talk’s now been published in Mosaic magazine, but thought I’d post  a transcript below. Enjoy! “I’d like to... More

21 Nov 2017

Speak my Mind: Race

So, what I’m really valuing about my new writing life are…author events. It’s pretty awesome to talk about stuff and for people to turn up to listen. Bonus points when you share the platform with  heavy hitters who happen to be extremely genial. Tonight,... More

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