Hi. I’m Jenevieve. Welcome to my world.

I’m an actor, writer, movement director and recovering showgirl.

I was born in Taiwan, attended my first school in the USA, hit puberty in Australia and danced in the UK. 50 years after my grandparents ran away from China, I returned to Shanghai and became part of the country’s first Vaudeville, Variety and Burlesque club.

The Good Girl of Chinatown is a memoir of the life I’ve lived, the lives I’ve performed, and the lives that came before mine.

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Jenevieve Chang

Latest News

22 May 2017

The Writer’s Habitat

With just a few days to go before Sydney Writers Festival, I’ve been busy making my to-do list: Read fellow panellists’ books (half way there!) Secure tickets (Writing Race, Difficult Women, Nasty Women & Truly, Madly, Guilty) Get the hem taken up on... More

8 May 2017

ABC Radio: Conversations with Richard Fidler

My conversation with Richard Fidler in front of a live audience at the Brisbane Powerhouse has hit the airwaves 📻 . Among many things, we talk striptease, racism and forgiveness. Speaking with Richard was a fantastic experience: he’s a masterful interviewer. Empathetic,... More

8 May 2017

The Good Girl of Chinatown Launch

A massive, heartfelt THANK YOU to all who made it along to The Good Girl of Chinatown Official Launch last Thursday. Revellers and readers filled up the top floor of Better Read than Dead, stories and secrets were exchanged and we drank... More

8 May 2017

Speaking with Feminartsy

Great to speak with Feminartsy​ this week about narrative, recurring motifs and diversity in theatre. To tell you the truth, when I decided to write – I didn’t immediately think my story would address overt political concerns. I think the... More